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What is an annual review?

Annual reviews offer the chance for all stakeholders, including parents, schools or a young person themselves to review a pre-existing EHCP.

Some important facts about EHCP Annual Review

  • EHCP plans should be reviewed annually.
  • Information should be gathered from professionals as well as parents and where necessary young people to whom the EHC plan applies.
  • There are certain timescales and processes the local authority must adhere to when undertaking the annual review process.


Why an annual review is a good time to amend an EHCP?

Special education needs of students, particularly those of young children, tend to change gradually. This is why it’s important to update the provisions and support provided by their EHCP each year.

The main focus of the reviews is on the ‘Outcomes’ of each plan. For example:

  • Has an outcome been achieved and thus needs to be updated?
  • Does a pre-defined outcome now seem unrealistic and thus needs to be adjusted?
  • Is an outcome unclear in any way and thus needs to be further defined?
  • Does the timeframe for achieving an outcome need to be adjusted?